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We Are Still Here For A Purpose

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Walking, calisthenics, swimming and jogging are recommended and prominent exercises when one grows older. Another exercise regularly subscribed to is the mental gymnastics required to wrap our head around our own mortality. We all get there – some sooner than others, but we all make it to that place where the body’s aches and pains, and the mind’s desires to do more intersect. The result is that the proverbial “I ain’t as young as I used to be” phrase works its way into a regular part of our lexicon.

Some of us get the wake-up call with a little more abruptness than others. There are those who ease into the acknowledgement that age is catching up. And there are those of us who abruptly hit the wall of understanding that one’s younger days are behind us. Whatever the case, the day looms on the horizon for us all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s just a thing.

I know of what I speak. I was on the abrupt end of understanding, and while my mortality literally became a reality, I chose not to define the future by that moment in time. For those of us who have those life altering occurrences, but continue on this planet by the grace of God, we have a choice. We can either live our lives not to die, or we can live our lives to live. The difference is equal to the distance between east and west.

While some of us gain a realization that mortality is but a blink away, others tend to ease into the “I’m going to die someday” stage of our life. Either way, we all have the same choice—live to live, or live not to die. I choose the former.

Rather than focus on the “what ifs” of that life altering moment (or just life in general) when mortality moves from a subconscious thought to a conscious awareness, we would be better served to focus on the fact that we are still here, realize that God’s plan had not yet been completed and that there is more to do – then get busy working on the plan.

God puts all the right people in all the right places at the exact right time. Why? Well, there is work to be done. There are angels among us all day every day to ensure that the plan is completed.

“What ifs” can become consuming and focus all of the energy away from living. It is better and more productive to make the choice to understand that we are still here for a purpose. Sure, the wake-up call is one that remains pretty close to the emotional vortex of your daily thought, but there remains work to be done. Understand that there is a plan for all of us – our energy would be better served executing on the plan with vigor.

God’s blessings are blocked by bitterness, fear and anxiety. We are better served to shake off the devil’s desire to steal, kill and destroy, and get busy doing all the good works that remain in the plan.

Yes, we will all meet with mortality sneaking into our thoughts. It’s what we do with the thoughts that matter.

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