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We Can All Learn Something From Watching The Rockettes

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First, you set out to do something well. Then, you execute on the idea. Some do what they set out to do very well, some do it excellently, and then there are some who are at a level far beyond perfect. That’s where you find the Rockettes.

For those who are not well versed, the Rockettes are one of America’s great treasures. You will find their talent hidden inside the massive Radio City Music Hall in New York City. They are a number of young ladies who are physical clones of one another. These ladies must be some of the greatest dancers our country has to offer. If they’re not, I want to meet those who are. They are on the short list of the best of the best.

Their execution is flawless, precise, coordinated and, quite frankly, perfect to the naked eye. Perfection is not a word I throw around with ease, but use of the word in the context of the Rockettes is not embellished or exaggerated. Seriously, if the TSA operated with just a pittance of the coordination, grace and seemingly endless energy of the Rockettes, travel would be a joy and airport lines would be non-existent.

We should all aspire for perfection. Yes, it is unachievable in most regards, but those who seek it get a heck of a lot closer than those who don’t. Choose hard work and achievement over apathy. The Rockettes weren’t perfect in their performance (is my guess), but from the back row of the mezzanine, they looked absolutely flawless.

Not just the TSA, but every business should seek better execution. I know at the Credit Union, we are like the Rockettes in that we constantly work toward bringing our members the absolute best in service. Other than leotards, there is a big difference between us and the Rockettes. We, along with countless other businesses, have to do our choreographing and rehearsing in live mode. That makes it tough. We’re fixing on the fly. Our warts are highly visible and, on occasion, our corrections look clunky. They are all visible and there are times that our fixes are yucky to the public eye. The Rockettes mess up in private. Advantage: Rockettes.

But pursuit of perfection must prevail. Do it again and again and again and again. Fix what you can, and make sure the processes are sensible and easily executed on. And then, find the right people to execute on the plan. The Rockettes have great people. So do we. So, great people and great execution are required. Then why do problems exist in business and not on stage with the Rockettes? The public is not on stage dancing with these beauties.

When you factor in the general public, the chance of imperfection rises exponentially. If I was on stage weaving my way through the dancers, chances are the perfection would disappear. Our buying public interacts with us; the Rockettes’ buying public sits in cushy chairs and watches.

So, there you have it. The Rockettes are a beautiful, symbiotic dance that entertains audiences. Businesses seek to have the same dance with employees and processes that are continually improved, rehearsed, and choreographed to serve their audiences. People show up and get in the middle of the business’ dance. At that point, everything changes.

Keep practicing is the only answer.

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