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We don’t sell, we solve

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A lot of people don’t like to sell. Add to that that many people don’t like to be sold a “bill of goods.” Of course, the rub is that everybody loves to buy something that benefits them. So the solution is not selling something to people who don’t want to be sold anything. There’s a better way.

At St. Louis Community Credit Union, we don’t sell people anything that they don’t want or need. We provide solutions to people who have problems. We don’t sell…we solve. If our members have financial services elsewhere, we honestly believe that they have a problem. Their deposits don’t earn as much. Their loans cost more. And the fees they pay are much higher.

Given our genuine desire to solve problems, we kick into gear. The sincerity and care we show our members is second to none. We share the good news of how being a member of St. Louis Community Credit Union puts more money back in one’s pocket.

While the others keep on selling…we’ll stay busy solving people’s problems.

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