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President of St. Louis Community Credit Union

We love what we do

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People like to be associated with a winner. Whether you’re a potential member, an existing member or an employee, you want to hang out with the best. That’s why people belong to – and work at – St. Louis Community Credit Union.

A lot of people believe in the cooperative spirit of credit unions and, as a result, are drawn to St. Louis Community Credit Union. It boils down to a person’s desire to help people. That spirit of service is what makes both our members and our staff special. Our passion for helping people increase their standard of living and better their lifestyle is what drives us every day. Good people need good financial services. That’s where St. Louis Community Credit Union steps in and delivers excellence. We have great people who love what they do.

I know lots of people who make a good living and hate what they do. Interestingly, none of them work for the Credit Union. If you’re passionate about people, you’re in the right place. At St. Louis Community Credit Union, our employees have the richness of knowing they made somebody’s life better. The difference between us and them is great members and great employees.

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