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We take care of our member’s money

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Accuracy is right at the top of the list of things important to members. That makes sense. Because St. Louis Community Credit Union has the responsibility as the caretaker of a member’s money, there should be a keen focus on getting it right. After all, it’s the member’s money.

We owe it to every member to be as technically proficient as possible. We must pay attention to detail and have a proficiency that is unrivaled. When we interact with a member in a discussion about what the best product is for them, or the action of completing their requested transaction, the member’s expectation is that we perform flawlessly.

As a result, St. Louis Community Credit Union employees work hard at eliminating errors. We take professional development and training seriously. Understanding the value that our products and services provide to our members is paramount. Paying close attention to what the member is asking and applying the right solution is at the top of our list. Accuracy goes far beyond putting a member’s deposit in the right account. Zero defects at every level is the goal…now and always.

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