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We’re NO. 1!

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We just received some great news – news that proves that the cooperative spirit of St. Louis Community Credit Union is alive and well. With all of the turmoil moving about the financial services industry, isn’t it good to know that your Credit Union is safe, sound, stable and growing? People aren’t leaving us to run with their money elsewhere. Nope. They’re coming to the Credit Union and staying with us in record numbers.

Callahan & Associates (sort of the JD Powers & Associates of credit unions) rang us up to tell us that we are the fastest growing credit union in Missouri and the twenty-third fastest growing credit union in the United States (out of nearly 9,000 credit unions). How ‘bout that for some exciting news? What’s that say about your Credit Union? I think that our growth speaks in volumes as to what’s going on at St. Louis Community…people trust us and are telling others.

Our phone has been ringing off the hook from credit union folk all over the place wanting to know our secret. “What did you do? How did you do it?” We explain that there is no “silver bullet” to what we do. There’s no one thing in our arsenal; rather a host of great things happening.

Our members love us because we love them. Pretty simple, but really that’s a great summation. We think about everything from the member’s perspective. What does a consumer that gives their hard-earned money to a credit union for safety and value expect? However you might answer that question is what we do – for all 32,000-plus members.

It feels good to be part of a successful team that is doing so many good things for the average consumer and the community in which they live. Obviously, folks want to belong to something this good and this strong. I asked a member “why us?” He responded that St. Louis Community Credit Union “works for me.” “Funny,” I responded. “That pretty well sums it up.”

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