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We’ve Got Game

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Baseball season is in full swing. Teams are jockeying for position – feeling out the competition. Early in the year, everyone is busy trying to assess what they have to do to compete. Everyone is scouting their competition to see who has what. Where are the competitors’ strengths? What makes the foes such tough competitors? And of course, the ultimate question is “what’s it going to take to win?”

When the banks and other credit unions in the region scout our credit union, they come to recognize that we’ve “got game.” Our competition quickly finds out that higher than average deposit rates, low fees and lower than average loan rates are just a few of our stars. We also offer CDs for $300; second chance checking; no debit card fees; and if the member has had some tough times with their credit history, we may still be able to help. Oh yeah, what about our electronic delivery channels – they’re all FREE!

Our position is pretty simple…we may not win all the battles. In fact, we know we’re not going to be undefeated – the competition will win every once in awhile. We do know, however, that the competition has to beat us, because we’re going to compete. We have a great team of people, great products, and a winning attitude. We expect to win, and as a result, we give one hundred percent. If the competition thinks they can beat us day in and day out, two words come to mind – GOOD LUCK!

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