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What Are You Doing with Your Currency?

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plane over clouds

I was staring out of the window because I had no choice. The plane was packed and the guy in the middle seat was violating space in every direction. He was a big ol’ dude, to say the least. I would have felt sorry for him stuck in the middle seat if I were in a different row. Instead, I was the guy most on my mind, jammed up against the inner wall of the plane like the last coat of paint.

It wasn’t a long flight by time in air — something like an hour — but it was an eternity in “sitting against the window smashed” time. Look, I’m not tiny, and the combination of us together was like mashing two colors of Play-Doh together — you can tell the difference only because the two blobs have a crease in the middle.

Oh, well. Things happen, and as is usually the case, I set out to make the best of a bad situation — daydreams usually do that. Why not? The sun always shines above the clouds. Sort of a metaphor for life, don’t you think? Here we are, piercing the low ceiling of cloud cover pretty early on in the flight, and there it is — the beautiful sun. While the ominous day below had settled in with the steel-gray look of the dirty bath water for a 10-year-old, the view from above showed beautiful white, puffy clouds that promised something better in due time — a landing in about 45 more minutes, by my count.

Sitting there staring at the vastness, I was reminded of my insignificance in the big picture of things. Here I was, a few thousand feet closer to heaven and thinking how great it will be when I get there; at the same time, I’m thinking that if the big guy sneezes, my time may be sooner than I think.

As daydreaming often dictates, I jumped around from subject to subject, thinking about what’s going on with me and around me. I got stuck on this idea of currency. What currency have I been gifted with? Not money, not things, not gold & silver, but my gift.  What is it? How am I spending the currency that made its way into my being? Is it wasting away, or is it being spent in a manner worthy of the blessing?

As the CEO of St. Louis Community Credit Union, I have been entrusted with the awesome task of serving people. My currency is service to people. Through the Credit Union as a tool, I and many other great people in our organization set out to spend our collective currency on helping people. People who use the Credit Union benefit from our great service, and they ultimately end up with an increased standard of living and a better lifestyle.

The time “flew” by, and I unfolded from my seat and made my way through the terminal. The big guy next to me was long out of my mind, but the thought of using one’s currency to make the world a better place lingered on — even now, it is fresh in my mind. What are you doing with your currency? It’ll make you think for sure — it’s worth a daydream.

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