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When It Comes To Weather Reports, Less Is More

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I think I’ve written about this before, but I can’t remember. I can’t remember yesterday very well, let alone this idea of remembering something from some nebulous time frame of years ago.

I’ve got no clue when, but I think I’ve expressed my disdain for our community’s obsession with the weather at least once before. If I have, bear with me, because I’m even more fed up now than then – whenever “then” was. Hey people (whoever you are) that need more weather, please (I beg of you) give it some rest. Thus, so goes my rant.

The local news spends the first ten minutes on murders, stabbings and shootings. You know, “if it bleeds it leads.” Then another few minutes on the dysfunction in D.C., then off we rush into weather. Weather takes up a majority of the time from that point forward. Sports gets a cursory few minutes. Then we close with an update of the weather, just in case you needed something more regarding tomorrow’s forecast. By the way, there is a “crawl” on the bottom of the screen that is giving us weather the entire time. OMG – really?

Quite frankly, there is a radio station in town that does the weather and traffic every ten minutes. Double OMG!!!! Cut it out. Granted, this station’s audience lived during the dust bowl, but really, every ten minutes? Cher doesn’t change clothes that often.

Whoever these weather wonks are, they seem to be taking over. There is more weather today than ever before. It is insulting to me that they think that I can’t grab the idea of the day’s weather with far less data than that which is thrown at me. How stupid do they think I am?

As you probably sense, I’ve had it. Look, we’re a pretty smart species. We get things for the most part.

I don’t expect that those of you who love weather will change much in just a couple of months, so we’ll allow for plenty of time to begin weaning you off of your weather fix. Try a little less every day. Eventually, the bends will stop.

Let’s fast forward to this coming summer. If it’s August in St. Louis, here’s your weather: it’s hot. Enough with everything else, it will be hot the next day, too. Go ahead and count on hot for a couple of more weeks. It may rain, but if it does, you’ll know it. What else do you need? Now, more sports.

Does any function in your life change because of an elongated weather forecast in August (or any other time of the year for that matter)? Do you wear anything different because of what a meteorologist throws your way? Do you honestly think they’re going to say something that will prompt you to jump into a sweater? Maybe get out a coat? Oh, you may need a jacket. Cut it out – it’s freaking August!!!

Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and serious weather events aside, please stop with so much weather. It’s January, so I wear a coat – every day – same coat. I don’t need somebody’s long-winded dissertation of what’s going on outside. It’s cold so I put on my coat. If it ends up being a little warmer than the coat stipulates, I take it off. There’s your weather. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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