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Whether It’s Gas Or Banking, The Best Wrapper Wins

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Remember when an attendant would sprint out from behind the counter of your favorite gas station to pump your gas, wash your windows, check under your hood and collect your money right at your car window?  The guy in the uniform with his name emblazoned across his pocket was the difference-maker for you.  If you remember all of that, two things come to mind:  1) I know how old you are; and 2) you can kiss that sequence of events bye-bye for good.  There is no going back.

Gas is a commodity.  That means you can get it anywhere.  It’s really hard to differentiate gas.  The name on the marquee says something different, but what goes in the tank is pretty much the same.  So when the price per gallon is the same, what makes you choose station A over station B?  It’s no longer Wally, Goober or Gomer who makes the difference.  Now it’s the convenience–mart.  I call it the wrapper.

The best wrapper in our region is QT (Quick-Trip).  Their convenient-mart is the best.  They are clean, fully stocked, friendly, and easy to navigate.  The other impressive aspect to QT’s wrapper is their consistency in design.  I love the fact that I could move from one QT to another and find exactly what I’m looking for blind-folded with one arm tied behind my back.  Literally, the chips, donuts, hot chocolate, and my favorite candy bar are in the exact same place from store to store.  They are masterful at uniformity and consistency.

They have great deals on lunch, as well.  When the Riverfront Times asks for votes for the best place for “lunch on the run,” I cast mine for QT.  Two for $2 hot dogs, great deli sandwiches and salads lead the charge for great food in a hurry.  And, if dessert is your weakness, you may want to give in to their donuts.  Big, fresh and hearty best describe these donuts of choice.

In the financial services world, the wrapper of uniformity and consistency is important, as well.  At St. Louis Community Credit Union, our wrapper is our policies.  They serve us to assist in helping our members.  The difference for us that makes it difficult to achieve the same level of regimentation as practiced by our friends at QT is that, on occasion, we have to apply discernment and deductive reasoning.  When someone asks the Credit Union staff for something, it’s not always as easy as pointing to a spot on the shelf for the answer.

In order to provide the very best in service, Credit Union staff must account for a number of mitigating factors associated to the members’ different relationships with SLCCU.  Policies exist as guidelines.  When coupled with circumstances specific to the member, we apply the policy to serve our members at the highest possible level.

Quick Trip is the best at what it does – so is SLCCU.  The difference is that donuts are cut out of the same batter.  People, on the other hand, not so much.

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