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Who Are You? And What Do You Want?

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Those are probably two of the most asked questions in our society today.  And, unfortunately, probably two of the most unanswered.  Oh, we think we know who we are and what we want, but a little self-reflection may show otherwise.

It’s what we ask on just about every phone answering machine or electronic recording device in the world.  Social media has become a place to gain answers, as well.  Whether it is Facebook or text messages, who we are and what we want have preoccupied an entire society.  But deep in the subconscious, where we tend not to go, does the question go unanswered.

Literally speaking, way back when is when we got started in our search.  Before all of this fancy social media technology, we did things the old fashioned way.  When I was growing up, mom and dad required that our inquiry of others be concise:  “Yes, may I say who is calling?” followed closely by “Can I tell them what it’s in reference to?”  In other words, “Who are you?  What do you want?”  But, I never recall being required to reflect on my own makeup.

Who are you?  Your name is really nothing but your identifier.  It’s your license plate, less what state you call home.  Quite frankly, people know nothing about you from your name.  How you say your name tells people a little more.  And then you start conversing, and folks start filling in a scorecard with their perceptions: likes, dislikes, ideas and concepts about who you are.  Time helps to define who you are.  So does introspection.  A combination of the two, i.e. time spent looking within, will help you to know who you are.  Once you get your hands around it, others begin making the right judgment.

It’s been a full year since we said “Happy New Year” to one another.  Hopefully, you have come to know me.  My blogs have provided you with a chance that others don’t really come to understand: who is this guy?  What does he want?  If you were paying attention, you probably realized that, in getting to know me, you began to better understand who YOU were, as well. I hope so.

Who are you?  What do you want?

By reading what I really want, you have probably figured out what you want.  If like me, it’s not an answer rooted in material accumulation.  My guess is that your wants probably range much deeper than “stuff.”  What you want ultimately defines your priority, establishes your motives, defines your boundaries, determines direction and will keep your moral compass pointed north without compromise.  Faith and family always come to mind.

As a provocateur of thought, it is my job to lead.  It is my job to influence and help you to acquire an understanding of who you are.  Who you are is quickly followed by what do you want?  Through the year, reading this blog may have helped you to find out a little more about what it is you really want.  In a sense, we’ve worked together to establish a direction.  But you and only you will be in charge of making the final decision.  Who are you?  And what do you want?

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