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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

On June 23rd, 2014, posted in: Uncategorized by 1 Comment

RESPECT Scrabble TilesAs it relates to respect, societal norms have apparently taken a step back. Too many people are willing to “dis” their fellow man (or woman) without any consideration for seeking a place of common interest or (better yet) common understanding.

It would appear as though the first stop in a discussion about anything is for people to set their jaw and be willing to fall on the sword for their respective position – never mind if that position was wrong to begin with or that there was a common place for compromise and settlement. Nope, we are now in a society where “you are wrong and I am right.”  The result, of course, is that disrespect among people is at a record pace – very sad, I might add.

Before you read any further, know that I love our credit union members, but we are all a part of the societal problem and our members are not immune from some occasional disrespect. I have seen with my own eyes these types of occurrences among members dealing with staff. Quickly and without warrant, member anger reaches a heightened level without provocation. I’ve never seen it like this before. Whether it be a tough economy, full moon, hot weather, or countless TV shows rife with hurtful discourse among the protagonist and every other person, we are witnessing arguing at an escalated level. We go from the place of disagreement to the place of rude, disrespectful shouting in a New York second. What is happening to the “peace” we all espouse to want?  Where is the “goodness” that makes the world a better place?

Every business, workplace, school, church and event has rules. SLCCU is no different. Yes, we have policies and procedures. Yes, we have to protect the assets of our members. Yes, we are required to comply with the protections we have put in place to be a successful, honest, trustworthy organization. This is not the “wild, wild west.”  Some members don’t like that we have rules, but that’s the way the world works and that’s the way we work too.

Sadly, the desperate straits so many of our members find themselves in raises their ire quickly. Nevertheless, the credit union’s acceptance of the barbaric actions of rude members is considered unacceptable and intolerable. Because staff are always respectful of the member, members must reciprocate with like respect too. Why can’t we all just get along?

Respect makes for a great business and we will begin emphasizing such with our members. We will do so respectfully and quietly. We will not fight fire with fire. We will never find ourselves in a compromised position of “fighting back” that leads to the set of Jerry Springer. We will respect our members ALWAYS and expect the same. Our actions, tone of voice, caring approach, and “culture of caring” will encourage the member to do the same. It is your job to be an example of “peace” and “goodness.”

St. Louis Community Credit Union wants the member and STAFF experience to be the best part of every day.

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