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Yes, You Can Change The World

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One man, one woman, or even a child, with a comment or a kind act can change the world.  You never know where the person, comment or act will come from.  Only the picture painted in heaven knows all of the intricacies to this great big plan.

A kind word is like a picnic blanket spread on the ground for the world to enjoy each other.  Kind words make a difference.  They are easy to muster up and hard not to accept.  When someone hears encouragement, it is usually ready to be accepted.  Very seldom are kind words greeted with disdain.  Sure some people would appear to be impenetrable with kindness but, behind that hardened exterior, there is a need to hear nice things or an encouraging word.

Remember when you were growing up and the schoolyard saying was “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”?  Not true.  It should have been more along the lines of “words will hurt me; sticks and stones, maybe not.  How hard can you throw and what’s your aim like?”  Yeah, words hurt, but they can also heal.

Under the title of my new book “Great Things That I Learned Growing up as a Goofy Kid,” there will be an entire chapter on this idea that a single encounter with a single person may be life changing.  It will be Chapter One and it will be titled “One Man Can Change the World.”

Why don’t you set out to be the Johnny Appleseed of kindness?  What a compliment to be known as a Johnny Appleseed.  Spreading the seeds of goodwill and kindness into a world besieged with strife and sadness would be perfectly timed.  Just like Johnny, you may never sit in the shade of that tree enjoying an apple but, for generations far after you, there will be a great supply of love and happiness.  Yes, you can change the world.

Chapter One begins with a story that a preacher, teacher, farmer and hooker were travelling on a bus that lost its brakes at an intersection and was t-boned and destroyed by a tractor trailer.  As three of the four lay dying, the preacher handed his blood-stained bible to the hooker and shared the gospel.  Death came shortly thereafter.

We pick up the story years later as a preacher raises a blood-stained bible in front of a congregation and told the story of how his mother read this bible to him when he was growing up.

Let’s connect the dots.  The preacher was the one who died years before in the accident, but changed the world on his deathbed by handing the bible to the hooker who obviously changed her ways.  Halleluiah!!!

You can be a world changer.  We need you.  Be kind and caring – that may be all it takes.

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